BELCHEM - 25 YEARS - innovation - flexibility - customer focus

We provide safety.

BELCHEM develops, produces and markets non-combustible, high-performance textile fibers and yarns for technical textiles, nonwovens and fiber-reinforced lightweight construction technologies. We see ourselves as a highly innovative fiber technology company with a globally patented product portfolio.

In the high-temperature range, our BELCOTEX® fibers and yarns are the solution when it comes to innovative high-tech insulation materials, heat and fire safety, industrial filtration and sealing, and fiber-reinforced composites. Our fibrous materials stand for extreme reliability, sustainability and environmental friendliness.

BELCHEM stands for innovation, flexibility and a sense of customer focus. Our creative solutions create advantages for our customers. We think and act as entrepreneurs, investing in technologies and services that guarantee sustainability and are cost-conscious and economical. Dr. Robin Richter

Dr. Robin Richter

As the company's founder and CEO, Dr. Robin Richter is the visionary behind BELCHEM.

Sales and Customer Service

25 years experience with high performance materials.